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Dr. Zubair Ahmed


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USPCAS-W Mehran University of Engineering and Technology Jamshoro, Sindh, Pakistan.

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[email protected]

Dr. Zubair Ahmed has been involved in several national and international environmental projects including implementation of cleaner production technologies in textile industries, techno-economic studies of wastewater treatment plants, environmental impact assessments and environmental audits of industrial units, pilot plant studies for domestic/industrial wastewater treatment using innovative processes such as sulfur based autotrophic denitrification &up-flow anaerobic sludge blanket process. Dr. Ahmed has more than 20 years of teaching, research, and consulting experience. His primary research interest is in biological wastewater treatment, particularly, in the application of membrane bioreactors for nutrient removal, bio fouling, microbial community structure in sludges, anaerobic digestion of waste, and the fate of emerging pollutants in MBRs. He has also worked on development of different adsorbents for water treatment. Currently, he is focusing on resource recovery from waste. His research output has been published in leading peer-reviewed journals.

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29 Zubair Ahmed, V Ivanov, SH Hyun, KM Cho, IS Kim, Effect of divalent iron on methanogenic fermentation of fat-containing wastewater, Environmental Engineering Research 6 (3), 139-146, 2001 2001


  • Physical, Chemical, and Biological Processes (MS)
  • Waste Water Treatment and Design (MS)
  • Advanced water and Wastewater Treatment design (Ph.D.)
  • Water Reuse (Ph.D.)


Research Map:  Dr. Zubair Ahmed

Project title Funding agency Funding Amount Role
1.      Eco-innovation for the sustainable industrial growth of major industrial sectors in Special Economic zones under CPEC (2022-2025) HEC, Pakistan 25 million PKR PI
2.      A3MBR for reclamation of denim mills’ wastewater for reuse purpose (2022-2025) HEC, Pakistan 8 million PKR PI
3.      Production of high-quality potable water using riverbank filtration/canal bank filtration from the Indus River KIST, Korea 0.5 million KRW PI
4.      Treatment and reuse of wastewater of fish processing industry (2018-2019) USPCASW, Jamshoro 3 million PKR PI
5.      Eco-innovation in the textile processing industry of KITE for sustainable product processing (2018-2019) USPCASW, Jamshoro 3 million PKR PI
6.      Production of Drinking Water from Indus River through Canal Bank Filtration for Mehran University Jamshoro (2018-2019) USPCASW, Jamshoro 3 million PKR PI
7.      Treatment of Sugar Distillery Effluent Using Anaerobic-Aerobic Membrane Bioreactor (AnAMBR) (2017-2018) KIST, Korea 1 million KRW PI
8.      Development of anaerobic / anoxic-aerobic membrane bioreactor for Biodegradation Persistent Organic Pollutants (POPs) (2013-2015) KACST, KSA 2 million SAR Co-PI
9.      Removal of Boron from Produced Water Using Electrocoagulation (2014) KAU, KSA 50,000 SAR PI
10.   Adsorption of ammonium ion on Alginate-Modified Polyurethane in water. (2014) KAU, KSA 50,000 SAR PI
S.No. Title Student Name Program Status
1. Cultivation Of Microalgae Using Palm Oil Mill Effluent For Lipid Production Erisa Viony Putri MS (Environmental Engineering Completed
2. Removal Of Selected Micro-Pollutants From Water In A Reactor Using Date Seeds Ali Mohammad Yahya Radwan MS (Civil Engineering) Completed
3. Removal Of Anthracene From Water Using Granular Activated Carbon Prepared From The Seeds Of Mucuna Mutisiana (Kharpat Doulat Ram MS (Environmental Engineering Completed
4. Treatment Of Sugar Distillery Effluent Using Anaerobic-Aerobic Membrane Bioreactor (Anambr) Shan Saleem MS (Environmental Engineering) Completed
5. Adsorption Of Indigo Carmine Dye On Chemically Modified Adsorbent Prepared From Municipal Solid Waste Umama Soomro MS (Environmental Engineering Completed
6. Digestion Of Linoleic Acid From Wastewater By Using An Anaerobic Fluidized Bed Reactor Jessica Lawrence MS (Environmental Engineering Completed
7. Characterization Of Biofilm Formed In An Intermittent Drinking Water Distribution System At Muet, Jamshoro Huma Tariq MS (Environmental Engineering Completed
8. Microbial Community Dynamics In Membrane Bioreactor Treating High Strength Waste-Water For Reuse Purpose Kashaf Somroo MS (Wash) Completed
9. Optimization Of Operational Parameter For A Sequencing Anaerobic-Aerobic Membrane Bio-Reactor Treating Fish Processing Industry Effluent Kiran Memon MS (Environmental Engineering Completed
10. Pollution Load Reduction Through Wastewater Treatment And Water Reuse In The Fish/Seafood Processing Industry Suresh Kumar MS (Environmental Engineering Completed
11. Assessment Of Microbial Contamination In Drinking Water Of Railo Miyan, Jamshoro. Uroosa Javed MS (Wash) Completed
12. Biodegradation Of Benzene Gas By Candida Tropicalis Nik Nurhidayu Nik Mut MS (Environmental Engineering Completed
13. Removal Of Anthracene Using Soil-Activated Carbon Composite Adsorbent In Column Asma Laghari MS (Environmental Engineering Completed
14. Removal Of Organic Carbon And Microbial Contamination Through Soil Column Simulating Canal Bank Filtration Bakhtawar Jokhio MS (Environmental Engineering Completed
15. Synthesis And Application Of Nanofiber Membrane For Biofouling Control In Membrane Bioreactors Nabi Baksh Mallah PhD Environmental Engineering Currently Supervising
16. Treatment Of Indigo Dye Effluent Using Anaerobic/Anoxic-Aerobic Membrane Bioreactor Aqsa Channa MS Environmental Engineering Currently Supervising
17. Treatment Of Wastewater Generated From The USPCAS-W Center By Using Membrane Bioreactor Faiza Bhutto MS Environmental Engineering Currently Supervising
18. Removal of arsenic using brown seaweed (sargassum polycystum) derived biochar and magnetic biochar – column and batch studies Satesh Kumar MS Environmental Engineering Currently Supervising
19. Pretreatment of melanoidins using advanced techniques to enhance decolorization and anaerobic digestion Javid Ali MS Environmental Engineering Currently Supervising
20. Pre-treatment of brown algae for enhanced biogas production in anaerobic digestion Aamir Hussain Dar MS Environmental Engineering Currently Supervising
21. Removal Of Indigo Carmine Dye using natural bio sorbent prepared from press mud Maarij Memon MS Environmental Engineering Currently Supervising
22. Biodegradation of Paracetamol through  Microalgal-Bacterial Consortium Poja Devi MS Environmental Engineering Currently Supervising
  • Development of Water Safety Plan (WSP) for water supply system of Jacobabad city, Sindh, 2021
  • Rehabilitation of sewage treatment plant of United Energy Pakistan (UEP), 2018
  • Situation analysis of solid waste generation from oil & gas fields of United Energy Pakistan, 2018
  • Environmental Audits of Denim mills in Karachi, Pakistan, 2018- 2019
  • Tech-Economic study for the construction of combined effluent treatment plant in Korangi, Karachi, 1995-1998
  • Environmental Impact Assessments of fertilizer companies, oil refineries, and other industries
  • Environmental Audits of 60 textile processing industries in Pakistan, 2001-2002
  • Training of municipal staff of Jacobabad city for water treatment processes, 2020
  • Head of the department of environmental engineering (MS and PhD) program
  • Head of the department of bachelors of environment science program
  • The resource person of USPCASW, Gender committee
  • Members of technical instrument committee of USPCASW, MUET Jamshoro
  • Internal and expert member of MS and Ph.D. thesis reviewed.