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Our Degree Programs

The US-PCASW offers MS/Ph.D degrees in the following four specialized fields:

However, during the first year (2015), students will be admitted only under the first three programs, while the degree program in Water, Sanitation and Health will start from Fall Semester, 2016

The HID program emphasizes learning in hydraulic engineering, river mechanics & stream restoration, irrigation and drainage engineering, and hydrologic science and engineering, and understanding of climate change on irrigation regimes.
The IWRM program enhances students’ knowledge and capacities to deal with multi- disciplinary aspects of water resource allocation and use under conditions of uncertainties. Key topics constituting the program include: principles of IWRM, hazard planning and management, water governance, institutions and policies, water dispute management, water valuation, and GIS and remote sensing in water resources.
The ENV.ENG program emphasizes the learning of students in conventional environmental engineering, physical chemical and biological processes, water and wastewater treatment design, air and noise pollution and control, hazardous and solid waste management, environmental impact assessment.
The WaSHS program focuses on enhancing the knowledge and capacities of students in areas/subjects such as: access to drinking water and sustainable sanitation, sustainable development goals in water and sanitation, hygiene overview, water treatment technologies, management of rural water supply schemes, gender and WaSHS, and research in WaSHS Sector.