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University Of Utah

Partner University

The University of Utah (UU), USA (, has been selected by USAID as the technical assistance partner of MUET for advancing the development and growth of USPCAS-W.

As the state’s flagship university, the UU offers more than 100 undergraduate majors and more than 92 graduate degree programs. With a long running tradition of academic and research excellence, the UU has long been involved in a range projects reaching across the globe.

Key organizational strengths of UU include: capacity building and international development, institutional development, change management, technology and venture commercialization, curriculum development and reform, research productivity, research infrastructure building,  data  modeling  and  analysis,  effective  teaching  and  training, distance education, global engagement and sustainability.

The MUET-UU partnership covers the following areas of cooperation: curriculum development, applied research, training, exchanges, governance, and cross-cutting issues (gender empowerment, outreach and networking, fundraising, technology commercialization, and institutional sustainability). Under the USPCAS-W project, many of the promising MUET’s post graduate students and faculty will have the opportunity to benefit from the most modern teaching and research infrastructure available at the UU.

At the UU, more than 100 faculty members are engaged in research on water related issues from different disciplinary perspectives, especially urban water, wastewater treatment, sanitation and health, and law and policy. Many of these faculty members are directly engaged in supporting USPCAS-W activities at MUET, especially with regard to curriculum advancement, strengthening research capacities and infrastructure, and capacity building of MUET faculty.

To support MUET in establishing a world-class center for research and education on water  resources  management,  the  UU  has  set  up  several  committees  and  thematic working groups. A team of 28 faculty members drawn from UU as well as four partner institutions representing key fields relevant to the study of water resources are contributing to the work of these committees and working groups. The UU has also designed a Peer Teacher Partnering (PTP) program to train the trainers. It connects MUET faculty to UU faculty for seeking support in the design and delivery of courses and research projects.

List of faculty involved in supporting MUET can be found at: