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S.No Roll Number Candidate Name Research Topic Result Date
1 15-MS-HID-01 Muhammad Naseer Rais Decision support system for management and distribution of water resource in Pakistan. 01-01-2018
2 15-MS-HID-02 Rabia Dars Demarcation Of Groundwater Quantum and Quality For its Sustainable Management in District Matiari. 16-04-2018
3 15-MS-HID-03 Muhammad Halar Zaman Land Cover Changes and Urban Heat Intensity Mapping of Karachi 07-01-2019
5 15-MS-HID-05 Aftab Ahmed Application of Remote Sensing and GIS for Flood Management: A Case Study of Larkana Division 29-11-2017
6 15-MS-HID-06 Abdul Basit Ghunio Water Balance Study and Groundwater Assessment in Matiari Distributary Command Area: A MODFLOW Perspective. 20-12-2017
7 15-MS-HID-08 Alina Usman Comparative Evaluation of Implementing Participatory Irrigation Management in Sindh (Pakistan) 01-01-2018
8 15-MS-HID-09 Hafiz Usama Imad Consumer's Willingness to Pay for Municipally Supplied Water Services: A Case Study of Hyderabad City 13-12-2017
9 15-MS-HID-10 Dhanji Mal GIS-Based Decision Support System for Runoff Harvesting Potential Sites: A Case Study of Karoonjhar Mountainous Area 20-12-2017
10 15-MS-HID-11 Shamotra On Farm and Model Based Evaluation of Sustainable Irrigation Practices for Water Conservation 14-12-2017
11 15-MS-HID-12 Arif Asghar Comparative Study of Numerical, Analytical and Semi-Empirical Models for Soil Welting Pattern in Sub-Surface Drip Irrigation. 08-08-2018
13 15-MS-IWRM-01 Mansoor Ali Potential for Conjunctive Use of Surface Water and Groundwater in Rajo Nizamani, Sindh 02-04-2018
14 15-MS-IWRM-02 Syeda Fatima Zehra Zaidi Identifying Sustainability Indicator?s Metrics for Safe Water Services 31-10-2017
15 15-MS-IWRM-05 Daniyal Hassan Assessment of Historical and Future Performance of the Pakistan Water Apportionment Accord-1991 30-10-2017
16 15-MS-IWRM-06 Sheva Ram Flood Analysis of Left Bank Outfall Drainage (LBOD): Using Remote Sensing and Hydraulic Modeling 09-01-2019
17 15-MS-IWRM-07 Muhammad Touseef Predicting the Climate Change Impacts on Future Precipitation Trends in Pakistan Using CMIP5 Climate Scenarios 09-11-2017
18 15-MS-ENVE-01 Zohaib Nizamani Environmental Impacts of Rice Production Systems in Sindh Province Using Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) Approach 09-11-2017
19 15-MS-ENVE-02 Hammad Malik Synthesis of Polyacrylonitrile and Magnetite Nano fiber for Heavy Metal Removal 21-11-2017
20 15-MS-ENVE-03 Hiba Muzammil Socio Economic and Health Impact Assessment of Environmental Degradation of Manchar Lake 02-02-2018
21 15-MS-ENVE-04 Bushra Danish Talpur Analysis of Environmental Impacts of Buildings: Through Llife Cycle Assessment (LCA) 14-11-2017
22 15-MS-ENVE-06 Muhammad Hammad Siddiqui Characterization of Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons in the Surface Water and Sediment of Left Bank Canals of Kotri Barrage in Hyderabad 19-02-2018
23 15-MS-ENVE-07 Sultan Shaikh Exploring Groundwater Quality in the Areas Surrounding Manchar Lake for Drinking Purpose 23-10-2017
24 15-MS-ENVE-09 Faiz Rafique Memon Optimization of Pilot-Scale Trickling Filter for Wastewater Treatment at MUET, Jamshoro 04-03-2020
25 15-MS-ENVE-10 Kaleemullah Dispersion Modeling of Emissions from Thermal Power Station Jamshoro and Human Health Risk Assessment 18-10-2017
26 15-MS-ENVE-12 Azizullah Ghaffar Assessment of Chemical Parameters for Detecting the Quality of Drinking Water 26-12-2017
27 15-MS-ENVE-14 Farhan Wahid Performance Evaluation of Drinking Water Interventions in Chachro 20-09-2019
28 15-MS-ENVE-15 Muhammad Awais Disinfection of Antibiotic Resistant Bacteria in the Water of Hyderabad City by Using Different Disinfectants 14-02-2018
29 15-MS-ENVE-17 Maheen Saeed Water Quality Assessment Around Kotri Barrage 20-12-2017
30 15-MS-ENVE-18 Sadaf Sher Evaluating the Capacity of Keenjhar Lake to Meet Various Demands 01-01-2018
31 15-MS-ENVE-19 Danyal Aziz A System Dynamic Model for Water-Energy-Food Nexus in Context of Pakistan 21-11-2017
32 15-MS-ENVE-20 Shoaib Ahmed Effluent Treatment of Biodigested Spent-wash using Coal Fly ash 30-10-2017
33 15-MS-ENVE-21 Saira Nabi Evaluation of Drinking Water Quality of Hyderabad City 02-02-2018
34 15-MS-ENVE-22 Sohail Raza Strategic Environmental Assessment for Sustainable Water Resource Management in Sindh Province 14-02-2018
35 15-MS-ENVE-23 Asad Ali Identification of Antibiotic Resistant Bacteria in the Drinking Water Sources of Hyderabad City and its Surroundings 19-01-2018
36 15-MS-ENVE-24 Hafeez Assessment of Persistent Organic Pollutants (POPs) in Manchar Lake and Surrounding
37 15-MS-ENVE-25 Iram Sifat Treatment of Domestic Wastewater by Sustainable Microbial Fuel Cells with Simultaneous Electricity Generation 30-10-2017
38 16-MS-HID-01 Muhammad Azeem Comparative Study of Solar, Diesel and Electric Operated Tube-wells on an Irrigated Command Area of Gul Minor in District Nausheroferoz. 15-04-2019
39 16-MS-HID-03 Ahmad Abdur Rehman Lund Assessing the Effectiveness of LA-PAM as Seepage Reductant in Earthen Irrigation Canals. 25-01-2019
40 16-MS-HID-05 Uroosa Memon Evaluation of Raised-Bed Comparison to Conventional Irrigation Techniques for Growing of Cotton Crop. 12-02-2019
41 16-MS-HID-07 Summaiya Shaikh Evaluation of Fresh Groundwater Potential and its Suitability for Irrigation Purpose in District Hyderabad. 11-01-2019
42 16-MS-HID-10 Nadir Ali Nizamani Evaluating the Effectiveness of Linear Anionic Polyacrylamide (LA-PAM) ans total Suspended Solids on Saturated Hydraulic Conductivity (Ksat) of Soil. 09-02-2021
43 16-MS-HID-12 Zulfiqar Ali Water Balance Assessment for Groundwater Management Strategies in Sakrand Distributary Command Area. 15-11-2018
44 16-MS-HID-13 Aqeel Ahmed Performance Evaluation of Solar Tube-wells for Water logging and Irrigation Intensity in District Shaheed Benazirabad 31-10-2018
45 16-MS-HID-15 Nageena Makhdoom Effect of Soil Moisture Depletion Levels on Soil Salinity and Yield of Cotton grown on Raised Beds 11-01-2019
46 16-MS-IWRM-01 Vengus Panhwar Impact Assessment of Water Sector Interventions in the Potohar Region 07-01-2019
47 16-MS-IWRM-02 Tahir Ali Shaikh Assessing Hydrologic, Environmental and Socio Economic Impact of Thar Coal Field: A case study of Gorano Dam 16-01-2019
48 16-MS-IWRM-03 Nabeel Ali Khan Crop Water Stress Delectation by Remote Sensing: A Case Study of Colorado 10-01-2019
49 16-MS-IWRM-05 Mehran Sattar Performance Evaluation of two statistical downscaling methods in complex terrain: A case study of Pakistan 15-11-2018
50 16-MS-IWRM-06 Vipin Kumar Oad Determining Climate Change Impact on Sowing Date, Crop Period and Temporal Variation in Crop Water Requirement using Remote Sensing and GIS Tools: A case Study of Larkana District 15-11-2018
51 16-MS-IWRM-08 Faris Ahmed Bhatti Agricultural Water Use Optimization Using Cropping Systems Simulation Model (CropSyst) for Chickpea 10-01-2019
52 16-MS-IWRM-09 Salman Mohsin Assessment of Hydro-climatic impact on tidal Floodplane of Indus delta using RS and GIS tools 12-11-2018
53 16-MS-IWRM-13 Uzma Jabeen Application of System Dynamics Model to estimate the sustainability cost of Urban water supply: A case study of Hyderabad City 12-02-2019
54 16-MS-ENVE-01 Raima Mahmood Human Health Risk Assessment of Heavy Metals in Fish Species of Keenjhar Lake, Thatta 04-02-2019
55 16-MS-ENVE-02 Qandeel Khan Water Treatment Through Neem Tree Products for Drinking Purpose 13-12-2018
56 16-MS-ENVE-03 Doulat Ram Adsorptive Removal of Selected Pesticide PAH from Water by Granular Activated Carbon Prepaned from a Wild Plant (Kharpat) 20-02-2019
57 16-MS-ENVE-04 Shan Saleem Treatment of Sugar Distillery Effluent Using Anaerobic-Aerobic Membrance Bioreactor (AnAMBER) 04-02-2019
58 16-MS-ENVE-06 Umama Soomro Adsorption of Indigo Carmine Dye on Chemically Modified Adsorbent Prepared from Municipal Solid Waste 07-01-2019
59 16-MS-ENVE-07 Abdul Majeed Otho Ultra-Fast Photo Catalytic Degradation of Azo Dyes using metal/Metal Oxide Nano Composites 31-03-2021
60 16-MS-ENVE-14 Imran Khan Rick and Environmental Impact Assessment of GLOF in District Ghizer and Policy Implications 31-12-2018
61 16-MS-ENVE-15 Ahsan Latif Impact Assessment of Effluents from kotri Industrial Area on Fish Sediment and Water on KB Feeder Canal 10-05-2019
62 16-MS-ENVE-16 Afaq Ahmad Investigation of Thermally Driven-Adsorption Desalination Technology for Water Purification 10-05-2019
63 16-MS-ENVE-17 Agha Danish Ilyas Microbial Assessment & Cost Benefit Analysis of Green Roof Water Recycling System (GROW) for Grey Water Treatment in Sindh 29-05-2019
64 16-MS-ENVE-19 Jassica Lawrence Digestion of Linoleic Acid by Anaerobic Fluidized Bed Reactor 04-02-2019
65 16-MS-ENVE-21 Muhammad Raffae Vistro Disinfection of Biofilms Formed in Drinking Water Distribution System Using Chlorine and Chloramines 29-05-2019
66 16-MS-ENVE-22 Huma Tariq Characterization of Biofilm Formed in an Intermittent Drinking Water Distribution System at MUET, Jamshoro 26-12-2018
67 16-MS-WASH-02 Sumra Hussain Assessment of Water Sanitation & Hygiene (WASH) Facilities, Accessibility and Functionality in Primary Healthcare Centers of District, Hyderabad 20-02-2019
68 16-MS-WASH-03 Pashmina Iftikhar Knowledge, Attitude and Practices regarding Menstruation with respect to WASH Facilities for Adolescent Girls of Public Schools of District Hyderabad, Sindh, Pakistan 03-06-2019
69 16-MS-WASH-05 Ubed-Ur-Rehman Memon Water, Sanitation and Hygiene Resources and students's satisfaction Appraisal in a Higher Education Institute. 16-01-2019
70 16-MS-WASH-07 Imdad Ali Assessment of Waterborne Diseases, Health Care Cost and Health Seeking Behaviour in Urban Slums of Hyderabad 16-10-2019
71 16-MS-WASH-10 Shaista Mubarak Quantitative Microbial Risk Assessment of Waterborne Pathogens in Drinking Water Sources of Hyderabad Sindh Pakistan 04-02-2019
72 17-MS-HID-03 Yugal Kishore Developing Rating Curves for Head Regulators Using Riversurveyor M9 (ADCP) 09-07-2020
73 17-MS-HID-07 Waqas Inam Impact Assessment of Land Drainage on Soil Salinity and Vegetation using GIS and Remote Sensing Tools: A case Study of Mardan SCARP 10-03-2020
74 17-MS-HID-08 Abdul Ghani Assessment of accuracy of Acoustic Doppler Current Profiler (ADCP) using Laser Doppler Anemometer (LDA) for Flow Measurement 29-07-2020
75 17-MS-HID-09 Eshwar Lal Vulnerability Mapping and Assessment of Gaj Dam Failure using Geo spatial Tools 31-01-2020
76 17-MS-HID-12 Arslan Mahmood Enhancing Flood Carrying Capacity of the Below Kotri Barrage Reach of the Indus River using Geospatial Tolls and Hydraulic Modeling 16-01-2020
77 17-MS-HID-14 Asma Memon Determination of Aquifer Characteristics and Calibration of Groundwater Model (MODFLOW) for Seri Distributary Command Area 27-02-2020
78 17-MS-HID-16 Shafique Ahmed Water Inundation Modeling and Mapping of Darawat Dam 27-02-2020
79 17-MS-HID-17 Faiza Kalhoro Assessment of Temporal Variation in Water Quality of RBOD-I (MNV Drain) and Its Role in Degradation of Manchar Lake 18-02-2020
80 17-MS-HID-18 Kainat Kalhoro Determination of Soil Salinity using Electromagnetic Induction Technique and its Effects on Wheat Crop Yield 13-01-2020
81 17-MS-IWRM-05 Abdul Tauqeer A GIS based Approach for Delineating Groundwater Vulnerability Zones using Drastic Approach: A case Study of Shaheed Benazirabad, Sindh Pakistan 27-02-2020
82 17-MS-IWRM-06 Falak Naz Analysis of Extreme Events in Balochistan Province under Changing Climate 06-02-2020
83 17-MS-IWRM-08 Maaz Saleem Analyzing the Impact of Hill Torrents of Koh-e-Suleiman Mountains on the Flood Water of River Indus 24-03-2021
84 17-MS-IWRM-10 Saima Awan The Effect of Biochars on Adsorption Ratios of Salts in Irrigation Water 26-03-2021
85 17-MS-IWRM-12 Shoaib Jamro Drought Regionalization and Spatiotemporal Variability in Pakistan using Standardized Precipitation Evapotranspiration Index 22-06-2020
86 17-MS-ENVE-01 Shane Zehra Removal of Arsenic by Greener L-Cysteine Derived Magnetite Iron Oxide Nanoparticles 22-06-2020
87 17-MS-ENVE-05 Abdul Hanan Removal of Arsenic from Water using Bismuth Impregnated Biomass of Microalgae 25-06-2021
88 17-MS-ENVE-06 Hamza Sarwar Assessment of Climate Change Impacts and Designing of Climate Smart Agriculture Practices for Wheat Crop 27-02-2020
89 17-MS-ENVE-07 Sorth Ansari Removal of Hexavalent Chromium in Aqueous Solution by Zain/Nylon-6 Nanofibers Membrane using Electrospinning Method 27-01-2020
90 17-MS-ENVE-08 Suresh Kumar Pollution Load Reduction through Waste water Treatment and Reuse in Fish/Seafood Processing Industry 22-06-2020
91 17-MS-ENVE-09 Aizaz Ali Qureshi Membrane Assisted Photocatalytic Degradation of Colorants: An Application to Treat Tertiary Textile Waste Effluents 22-06-2020
92 17-MS-ENVE-13 Samiullah Khaskheli Heavy Metals Contribution in River Indus near Kotri Barrage due to Atmospheric Deposition 22-06-2020
93 17-MS-ENVE-14 Muammar Ali Nanoparticles Incorporated Nanofibers Based Electrochemical Sensor for the Detection of Organic Pollutants (Nitrate) in Contaminated Water 01-03-2021
94 17-MS-ENVE-15 Soomal Baloch Application of Aquatic Plants for the Phytoremediation of Organ-chlorine Pesticide 25-06-2021
95 17-MS-ENVE-16 Muhamamd Ali Mangi Membrane Assisted Photocatalytic Degradation of Colorants: An Application to Treat Tertiary Textile Waste Effluents 01-03-2021
96 17-MS-ENVE-20 Saira Sidhu Water Desalination by using Grapheme Incorporated Nanofibers Membrane 23-12-2020
97 17-MS-ENVE-21 Aqsa Kiran Removal of Hydrogen Sulfide from Biogas by using Nanofiber Membrane 27-01-2020
98 17-MS-ENVE-22 Kiran Memon Optimization of Operational Parameter for Sequencing Anaerobic/Aerobic Membrane Bioreactor Treating Fish/Shrimp Processing Industry Effluent 16-07-2020
99 17-MS-WASH-01 Uroosa Javed Assessment of Microbial Contamination in Drinking Water of Railo Miyan, Jamshoro 15-10-2020
100 17-MS-WASH-02 Bushra Khan Detection of Legionella Pneumophila in targeted Hospitals of Hyderabad 01-10-2020
101 17-MS-WASH-03 Muneeba Junejo Algae Based Defluoridation of Wastewater 24-03-2021
102 17-MS-WASH-04 Marvi Sharma Comparative Study of Synthetic and Natural Feminine Sanitary Products for Market availability, Community Acceptance, Health Implications and Eco-Friendliness at Hyderabad 29-03-2021
103 17-MS-WASH-05 Suhel Kumar Development of Point of use Filtration for Harvested Rainwater using Natural Indigenous Material 31-03-2021
104 17-MS-WASH-07 Kashaf Soomro Microbial Community Dynamics in Membrane Bioreactor Treating High Strength Waste Water for Reuse Purpose 22-06-2020
105 17-MS-WASH-09 Onaiza Syed Removal of Fluoride through Bio Adsorbent 07-10-2020
106 17-MS-WASH-10 Iram Ayaz Comparison of Homemade and Laboratory Produced Biochas for removal of Fluoride and Arsenic from Water 29-01-2020
107 17-MS-WASH-11 Masroor Ahmed Identification of Antibiotic Resistant Bacteria in Sanitary Systems in the Primary Schools of Hyderabad District 29-01-2020
108 18S-MS-HID-02 Sabeen Manzoor Application of ICT for Equitable and Reliable Water Distribution in Mir Minor of Jamrao West Branch 27-09-2021
109 18S-MS-HID-04 Muhammad Awais Assessing the Effectiveness of Polymers as a Sealant Material to Control Seepage Losses through Earthen Irrigation Canals 17-09-2020
110 18S-MS-HID-05 Jawad Ahmed Hydro- Salinity Behavior of Shallow Groundwater Aquifer Underlain by Salty groundwater in Sindh 04-11-2021
111 18S-MS-HID-07 Ali Raza Determination of Groundwater Quantum and Quality through Vertical Electrical Sounding and its Demarcation using ArcGIS: A case of study of Tando Allahyar-II Distributary Command Area 08-06-2020
112 18S-MS-HID-08 Zulfiqar Ali Optimal Sensor Placement for detecting Groundwater Fluctuations under cost constraint 17-09-2020
113 18S-MS-HID-10 Sarwan Ahmed Nahiyoon Mapping of Soil Salinity using EM38-MK2 and ESAP Software 18-01-2021
114 18S-MS-HID-11 Nawab Ali Assessing the Impact of LA-PAM on Infraction Rate of Soil 19-03-2021
115 18S-MS-IWRM-03 Salman Sarwar Delineation of Groundwater Management Zones for Dad Irrigation Division Northern Rohri Canal Command Area 27-09-2021
116 18S-MS-IWRM-09 Dolat Singh Development of Flood Analysis System on LBOD Using IFAS Model 25-03-2021
117 18S-MS-ENVE-01 Aisha Khan Use of Macro Algal Hydro-Char for Arsenic (AS) Removal 24-02-2021
118 18S-MS-ENVE-02 Waheed Ali Removal of COD & Colour from Sugarcane Distillery Effluent by using Hybrid Electrode in Electrocoagulation Process 28-12-2020
119 18S-MS-ENVE-04 Altaf Hussain Fixed bed column study for the removal of arsenic from ground water using iron impregnated Bichar of Acacia nilotica. 30-12-2021
120 18S-MS-ENVE-09 Qurban Ali Solangi Defluoridation of Groundwater through Solar power Electrolytic Defluoridation Unit 09-02-2021
121 18S-MS-ENVE-11 Syed Najaf Ali Shah Comparative Study for Removal of Lead from Aqueous Solution by Pristine and Alkali-Modified Biochar 13-01-2022
122 18S-MS-ENVE-12 Hussain Bakhsh Fabrication of Zinc Decorated Magnetic Biotic Biochar for the Removal of Phosphorus from Aqueous Solution 19-01-2021
123 18S-MS-ENVE-13 Bakhtawar Jokhio Removal of Organic Carbon and Microbial Contamination Through Soil Column Simulating Canal Bank Filtration 08-12-2020
124 18S-MS-ENVE-14 Asma Leghari Removal of Anthracene using Soil Activated Carbon Composite Adsorbent in a Column Study 08-12-2020
125 18S-MS-ENVE-16 Aadil Muneer Fabrication of Pristine and Iron Loaded Magnetic Biochar from the Removal of Arsenic from Aqueous Solution 11-03-2021
126 18S-MS-ENVE-17 Abdul Manan Fixed Bed Column Study for Water Deflurodiation through Bio-Adsorbent Material 27-09-2021
127 18S-MS-WASH-01 Rafia Khanzada Development of Monitoring Method for Zinc Toxicity by Thiosulfate Oxidizing Bacteria 18-01-2021
128 18S-MS-WASH-02 Jiya Sonani Assessment of Copper Toxicity in Water using thiosulfate Oxidizing Bacteria ToB Bioassing 08-12-2020
129 18S-MS-WASH-03 Shahida Green Synthesis of Bismuth Nanoparticles using Native Algae and their antibacterial activity 19-01-2021
130 18S-MS-WASH-05 Attiqa Evaluating anti-arsenic activity in drinking water for herbal extract incorporated with Nanofiber 22-02-2021
131 18S-MS-WASH-06 Rija Shakir Identification of Selected Pathogens from Dishcloths as an Indicator for Hygienic Condition of Home-Based Kitchen Settings 08-12-2020
132 18S-MS-WASH-07 Ghulam Fatima Determination of antibiotic resistance Bacteria in Vegetables on Wastewater 28-12-2021
133 18S-MS-WASH-08 Vinod Kumar Reuse of Industrial Treated Wastewater for Practical Application; Assessment of Quality, Health Risks and Advantages 31-12-2020
134 18S-MS-WASH-09 Johar Pervez Evaluation of Cotton Stalks for the preparation of cost effective absorbent core of Hygiene Products 14-01-2022
135 18S-MS-WASH-10 Fiza Mansoor Polyvalent Pager Therapy against Antibiotic Resistant Enterococcus Faecalis and Pseudomonas Aeruginosa 31-03-2021
136 18S-MS-WASH-13 Seher Haleema Photocatalytic Inhabiting of Selective Microbes and Degradation of Organic Dyes 02-02-2021
137 18S-MS-WASH-14 Noor-Un-Nisa Ghanghro Exploration of Potential Antimicrobial agents to Combat antibiotic Resistant Bacteria 21-01-2021
138 18S-MS-WASH-15 Dilawar Hussain Panhwar Microbial Risk Assessment of Water Borne Pathogens in Floating Communities of Pakistan 28-12-2020
139 18S-MS-WASH-16 Pooja Malhi Developing of Hybrid Filter Composed of Nanofiber and Multilayered Biopolymers to Remove Drinking Water Contaminates 22-02-2021
140 18S-MS-WASH-17 Farah Maqsood Estimating the Efficiency of Arsenotrophic Micro Biome in Natural Attenuation of Arsenic Present in Ground Water. 16-06-2021
141 18S-MS-WASH-18 Sanja Bai Development of Fibrous drawstring bag incorporated with natural herbs to remove bacterial contamination from drinking water.
142 18S-MS-WASH-19 Suhail Ahmed Jiskani Impact Assessment of Improved WASH Services Project in Islampur Mohalla of Thatta City using Statistical Techniques 27-09-2021
143 18S-MS-WASH-20 Qanita Tarique Water, Sanitation Services and Menstrual Hygiene Management Assessment in Special Education Institutions of Sindh Province 12-04-2022
144 18F-MS-HID-03 Suhail Ahmed Effect of Climate Change on Ground Water Budget: A Case Study of Northern Rohri Canal Command 26-03-2021
145 18F-MS-HID-04 Parkash Kumar Evaluating of Chlorine doses and Characterization of Chlorine Tolerant Bacteria in Hyderabad Sindh 30-03-2022
146 18F-MS-HID-05 Tarique Aziz Performance Evaluation of Selected Minors Using Real Time Data 18-11-2021
147 18F-MS-HID-09 Mahtab Ahmed Fabricated low-Cost Soil Moisture Sensor With Calibration Algorithm for Smart Irrigation system 26-03-2021
148 18F-MS-HID-10 Azadar Hussain Exploration low salinity Groundwater for Irrigation Using Vertical Electrical Sounding (VES): A case study of Malwah Distributary. 09-03-2022
149 18F-MS-HID-11 Fizah Saeed Representative Laboratory Testing of Polymer-based Seepage Reduction 27-09-2021
150 18F-MS-HID-12 Hasnain Gul Development of Ultrasonic Sensing System to measure Irrigation water Depth and Database to Facilitate the Stakeholders 02-06-2021
151 18F-MS-HID-22 Shahnawaz Memon Delineation of Irrigation Response Units for Effective Irrigation Water Management: A Case Study of Shaheed Banazirabad District, Sindh 30-03-2022
152 18F-MS-IWRM-02 Mansoor Ahmed Modeling the Hydrological Response of Darawt Catchment under in Changing Climate 02-12-2020
153 18F-MS-IWRM-06 Nayyab Agha Sensitivity Analysis of Weather Research and Forecasting Model to different Paramaterizations Scemes over upper Indus Basin 04-11-2021
154 18F-MS-IWRM-07 Fehmida Rafi Evaluation Of Extreme Rainfall Event of 2010 Over Kabul River Basin Using WRF Model 31-03-2021
155 18F-MS-IWRM-08 Abdul Rafiue Performance Evaluation of Chotiari Reservoir using HEC – ResSim 3.0 18-04-2022
156 18F-MS-IWRM-09 Talha Khan Khero Evaluation of Proposed Ghotki-Kandh Kot Bridge over River Indus 12-04-2022
157 18F-MS-IWRM-10 Tayyaba Sohail Mapping River Riparian Vegetation using Satellite Data A case study of Sukkur Kotri Indus Reach 22-10-2021
158 18F-MS-IWRM-11 Sadia Allah Ditta Vanishing Wetlands of Sindh: A case study of Drigh and Langh Lakes 04-11-2021
159 18F-MS-IWRM-16 Zenobia Talpur Estimating the Crop Water Productivity of Major Crops Canal Command Area by using Remote Sensing 15-02-2021
160 18F-MS-ENVE-01 Tufail Ahmed Green Synthesis of Zinc/Titanium Nano Composite (Zn/PiNC) and their Antimicrobial Application in Water 02-02-2022
161 18F-MS-ENVE-02 Waseem Saleem Photocatalytic Degradation of the Organic Dye using Nano-composite of Ni TiP 02-02-2022
162 18F-MS-ENVE-04 Danish Ahmed Khokhar Degradation of Atrazine from Water using Titanium Nano-Particle. 05-10-2021
163 18F-MS-ENVE-05 Tayyab Ahmed Effect of Competitive Ions (A1: and Fe:) on the Recovery of (Magnesium Ammonium Phosphate) of Struvite 08-11-2021
164 18F-MS-ENVE-12 Zeeshan Ali Biodegradation of Melanoidins from Distillery effluent spent wash using an indigenous microbial species 17-11-2021
165 18F-MS-ENVE-15 Abdul Haseeb Memon Study of Struvite precipitation in the Presence of Pharmaceuticals 30-12-2021
166 18F-MS-ENVE-17 Aqsa Channa Treatment of Indigo Dy Effluent using anaerobic/ Anoxic Aerobic Membrane Bio-reactor. 14-02-2022
167 18F-MS-ENVE-19 Kantesh Kumar Removal of Heavy Metals from Water by Phyto-remediation. 04-11-2021
168 18F-MS-ENVE-23 Arsalan Shaikh Identification and Characterization of the Fungi in Biofilms on Different Pipe Materials of Drinking Water Distribution System 18-04-2022
169 18F-MS-WASH-01 Bakhtawar Pirzada Evaluating the effectiveness of natural disinfectant against floor’s pathogens: A sanitation measure to control infectious diseases. 24-06-2021
170 18F-MS-WASH-05 Maheen Shaikh Prevalence of antibiotic resistance bacteria in household sanitary system of Hyderabad 26-01-2022
171 18F-MS-WASH-06 Sanam Bhatti Disinfection Kinetics and Removal of Bio films in Drinking Water Distribution System by Chlorination 31-12-2021
172 18F-MS-WASH-09 Nayab Raza Real Textile wastewater treatment using microalgae bacterial consortium 12-04-2022
173 18F-MS-WASH-10 Noor Ul Ain Talpur Assessing Eco-friendliness and Cost Effectiveness of Reusable Sanitary Pads for Rural Women to Promote Menstrual Hygiene Management 17-01-2022
174 18F-MS-WASH-12 Sadaf Tagar An Investigation of Hygiene & Sanitation conditions of Poultry Slaughtering facilities & determination of anti-microbial resistance of Salmonella.
175 18F-MS-WASH-13 Komal Soomro Detection and characterization of Acinetobacter communities and its multi-drug resistance profiling from Jamshoro 12-04-2022
176 17-MS-IWRM-07 Zain-Ul-Abdin Khatti Wheat Crop Water Productivity of Perennial and non-perennial Canal in Sindh 28-12-2020
S.No Roll Number Candidate Name Research Topic Result Date
1 15-PhD-HID-01 Zia Uddin Qualitative Improvement in Groundwater through Seepage from River Indus and Selected Wetlands at d/s Kotri Barrage 10-03-2020
2 15-PhD-HID-03 Ghulam Shabir Solangi Impact Assessment of Seawater Intrusion on Soil, Water and Environment in Indus River Delta using Field & Satellite Data
3 15-PhD-IWRM-01 Anila Perwaiz The Impact Of Climate Change in Hill Torrents and Groundwater Using GIS Modeling in Kohistan Region of Sindh Province. 04-03-2020
4 15-PhD-IWRM-02 Abdul Ghani Hydrologic Assessment of Tauka Thana Boula Khan Using Remote Sensing and Modeling approach. 04-03-2020
5 15-PhD-IWRM-03 Asadullah Soomro Evaluation of Groundwater Potential: its Sustainability along Super Highway from Nooriabad to Karachi in Sindh, Pakistan 15-10-2021
6 15-PhD-IWRM-04 Nabi Bux Hydrological and Socio-Economic Assessment of Small Dams in Water Scare area of Nagarpakar 16-12-2019
7 15-PhD-ENVE-01 Muhammad Muqeet Development of functionalized cellulose nanofibers membranes for water desalination 18-07-2019
8 15-PhD-ENVE-02 Sallahuddin Synthesis, Characterization and Biosensing Applications of Metal Nanoparticles in Water 24-10-2019
9 15-PhD-ENVE-04 Aasim Ali Abro The enhancement of biodegradation process of organic fraction of MSW in anaerobic digestion by using nanoparticles. 31-07-2019
10 15-PhD-ENVE-06 Muhammad Wajid Ijaz Predictive Modeling of Salinity Intrusion in Indus River Estuary, Pakistan 30-04-2019