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Exchange & Scholarship Program

Exchange & Scholarship Program emphasizes on increasing the prevalent use of effective teaching techniques and applied learning opportunities that encourages critical thinking. During five years project 250 faculty (both academic and technical) and students (both MS and PhD) will participate in short term study and exchange program with the U.S. partnering university that will result in university faculty with enhanced teaching and mentoring skills and students with stronger technical and research skills. US exchanges will focus on applied research projects in addition applied research grants will be applied towards joint projects with US Partner University. Research proposals will be discussed and approved by the US Partner University. USPCAS-W will collaborate with the US Partner Universities for student & faculty exchange, facilitating transfer of knowledge, improve quality of academic programs, applied research projects, provide synergies in research and develop an international outlook for USPCAS-W. Faculty and students who will participate in exchange program will help in establishing strong peer-to-peer linkages through joint research project and publications leading to long term linkages and future collaboration opportunities.