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Research Projects (Completed)

S.NoTitle of ProjectSponsorTeam Leader/Principal InvestigatorDurationStart DateStatus
1Assessment of Environmental Degradation of Manchar LakeUSPCAS-W Under USAIDEngr. Zamir Ahmed Soomro12 Months-Completed
2Decision Support System for Water Resources Planning and ManagementUSPCAS-W Under USAIDMr. Waqas Ahmed12 MonthsJun 2016Completed
3Climate Change: Assessing Impact of Seawater Intrusion on Soil, Water & Environment in Indus delta using GIS & Remote SensingUSPCAS-W under USAIDDr. Altaf Siyal15 MonthsJun 2016Completed
4Managing Uncertainties in Projected Impacts of Climate Change on Precipitation Patterns in the Indus Basin, PakistanUSPCAS-W under USAIDMr. Ghulam Hussain Dars12 MonthsJun 2016Completed
5Water Conservation and Mitigation of Arsenic in Rice through Sprinkler Irrigation SystemUSPCAS-WDr. Abida Farooqi, Dr. Asif Javaid24 Months-Completed
6Identification of Antibiotic Resistant Bacteria in Different Source Waters in Hyderabad City and its SurroundingsUSPCAS-W under USAIDDr. Rasool Bux Mahar18 MonthsJun 2016Completed
7Changing Climate in Pakistan: Food Security and Water Management Implications – Provide high resolution climate simulations for complex terrain: An action to protect our assetUSPCAS-W under USAIDMr. Ghulam Hussain Dars12 MonthsJun 2017Completed
8Assessing Effectiveness of Linear Anionic Polyacrylamide (LA-PAM) to Reduce Seepage Losses in Unlined CanalsUSPCAS-W under USAIDDr. Munir Babar15 MonthsJun 2017Completed
9Crop Water Productivity Assessment of Major Cropping Systems in Sindh and PunjabUSPCAS-W under USAIDDr. Asmatullah/ Mr. Mohammad Ali12 MonthsJun 2017Completed
10Keenjhar Lake Water Quality Assessment and Valuing Ecosystems Services (KL-WAVES)USPCAS-W under USAIDMs. Uzma Imran12 MonthsJun 2017Completed
11Monitoring Seawater Intrusion in the Indus Delta for Climate Change AdaptationUSPCAS-W under USAIDDr. Ashfaq Shaikh12 Months-Completed
12Assessment of water, sanitation and hygiene services in primary schools of Sindh, addressing Sustainable Development Goal -6USPCAS-W under USAIDDr. Jameel Soomro15 MonthsJun 2018Completed
13Use of Multi-Level Remote Sensing to Evaluate Salinity on Irrigated LandsUSPCAS-W under USAIDDr. Altaf Siyal18 MonthsJun 2018Completed
14Isolation and Characterization of Antimicrobial Resistant Water Contaminant and Bacteriophage Remedy to Improve Water QualityUSPCAS-W under USAIDDr. Ayaz Ahmed-Jun 2018Completed
15Integrating water sanitation and hygiene indicators into the National Health Information System in healthcare facilities of Pakistan: the use of this novel tool in a cluster randomized trial.USPCAS-W under USAIDDr. Jamil Ahmed15 MonthsJun 2018Completed
16Eco-innovation in textile processing industry of KITE for sustainable product processingUSPCAS-W under USAIDDr. Zubair Ahmed15 MonthsJun 2018Completed
17Production of drinking water from Indus River through Canal bank filtration for Mehran University Jamshoro: Estimation of yield, pumping requirements, bioclogging, and characterization of water qualityUSPCAS-W under USAIDDr. Zubair Ahmed12 MonthsJun 2018Completed
18Indus River Water Level Monitoring in Sindh using Satellite Radar AltimetryUSPCAS-W under USAIDDr. Arjumand Zaidi15 MonthsJun 2018Completed
192D Materials Design and Discovery in Water TreatmentUSPCAS-W under USAIDDr. Ghulam Mustafa-Jun 2018Completed
20Simulation Modeling and Analysis of Household Water Consumption in Pakistan using Hybrid ApproachUSPCAS-W Under USAIDDr. Imran Mehmood-Jun 2018Completed
21Improved Hydro meteorological forecast under changing climate by using robust modelling techniquesUSPCAS-W under USAIDMr. Ghulam Hussain Dars15 MonthsJun 2018Completed
22Assessment of sediment pollution in a diverse (Goi Nala) catchment of River Jhelum, Azad Jammu and KashmirUSPCAS-W under USAIDDr. Mohsin Zafar-Jun 2018Completed
23Multifunctional nanocomposite membranes for wastewater treatmentUSPCAS-W under USAIDDr. Farha Masood-Jun 2018Completed
24Governance and Civic Capacity for the Provision of Drinking Water in Urban SindhUSPCAS-W under USAIDMaha Ahmed-Jun 2018Completed
25Estimating Sustainability Cost of Urban Water Supply for Hyderabad City, Sindh, PakistanUSPCAS-W under USAIDDr. Kamran Ansari12 MonthsJun 2018Completed
26Wastewater Treatment and Reuse to approach zero water discharge in Al-Rahim Textile industries: substantial increase water use efficiency in Textile processingUSPCAS-W under USAIDDr. Tanveer Ahmed Gadhi12 MonthsJun 2018Completed
27Closed-loop secondary-level canal monitoring for equitable and reliable distribution of waterUSPCAS-W under USAIDDr. Abdul Latif Qureshi18 MonthsJun 2018Completed
28Treatment and reuse of wastewater of fish processing industryUSPCAS-W under USAIDDr. Zubair Ahmed12 MonthsJun 2018Completed
29An Integrated Development Plan for the Barani Areas of the Punjab Province (Barani-2 Report)USPCAS-W under USAIDNRSP-Jun 2018Completed
30Assessing relevance of CAS-W program outputs to Sector/Industry needsUSPCAS-W under USPCAS-WAbdul Sattar Babar-Jun 2018Completed
31Diploma Course for Capacity Building of Officers/Officials of Sindh Irrigation DepartmentSID GoSDr. Bakhshal Khan Lashari05 YearsApr 2016Completed
32Capacity Building at Mehran University of Engineering & Technology to Address Drinking Water issues in PakistanHEC under Pak-US Science & Technology Cooperation Program, Phase-VIIDr. Rasool Bux Mahar03 YearsApr 2017Completed
33Rresource equity south, water, land and energy (infrastructure)Heinrich BolDr. Rasool Bux Mahar06 MonthsJun 2017Completed
34Treatment of Sugar Distillary Effluent using Anerobic-Arobic Membrane by Reactor (AnABBR)Korean Institute of Science & Technology, Seoul, South KoreaDr. Zubair Ahmed12 MonthsNov 2017Completed
35Baseline Survey in Ward No. 3 of Thatta CityNRSPMr. Muhammad Ali03 MonthsJan 2018Completed
36Situation Analysis of Waste Management at Processing facilities of United Energy PakistanNRSPDr. Zubair Ahmed01 MonthJan 2018Completed
37Situation Analysis of Waste Management at Processing facilities of United Energy PakistanNRSPDr. Zubair Ahmed01 MonthJan 2018Completed
38Impact of Climate Change in the Indus River Delta and Coastal Region of PakistanGlobal Change Impact Studies CenterDr. Altaf Siyal06 MonthsJul 2018Completed
39The Impact of Informal Institutions on Participatory Irrigation Management OutcomesPCMU,WSIP GoSDr. Mercedes Ward06 MonthsJul 2018Completed
40Water Scarcity at Lower Sindh- Reality Vs Myth- An Exploratory Study of Akram Canal Command AreaSOPDr. Bakhshal Khan Lashari03 MonthsJul 2018Completed
41Smart groundwater monitoring for sustainable groundwater extraction in Sindh (Client driven project)HEC PakistanMr. Waqas Ahmed24 MonthsJul 2018Completed
42Local Government Strengthening Activity (LGAS), Sindh Municipal Services Delivery Program (MSDP), USAIDManagement & Development CenterDr. Rasool Bux Mahar02 MonthsFeb 2019Completed
43Training On Integrated Water Resources Management for the Mid-Level water Professionals of Sindh ProvincePMPIU, Water Sector Capacity Building & Advisory Services Project, Ministry of Water Resources Govt of PakistanDr. Bakhshal Khan Lashari05 DaysMar 2019Completed
44Calibration of Gauges and Development of Rating Curves of 115 distributaries / minors of Nara Canal AWB for flow measurementPCMU,WSIP GoSDr. Muhammad Munir Babar09 MonthsMar 2019Completed
45Detailed Study to Assess the Methane Gas Production potential of the primary Effluent Treatment PlantMatol (Pvt) LimitedDr. Naveed Qambrani02 MonthsMay 2019Completed
46Development of a Comprehensive Water Safety Plan for the Water Supply Distribution System to be used for HyderabadWASA & MDCMr. Babar Naeem04 MonthsMay 2019Completed
47Sugar Mills Distillery ProjectMatol (Pvt) Limited, Unicol Limited, Habib Distillery, Al Abbas Distillery, Shah Murad Distillery, Dewan Distillery, Pak Ethanol DistilleryDr. Naveed Qambrani06 MonthsMay 2019Completed
48Development and Upscaling of Indigenized Anaerobic Digester for the Biotransformation of Textile Sludge into the Production of Biogas and BiocompostHEC PakistanDr. Rasool Bux Mahar02 YearsMay 2019Completed
49To Undertake a Water Quality Assessment of the Water Points in UC31 to Identify the Contaminated Water PointsManagement & Development CenterDr. Rasool Bux Mahar01 MonthJul 2019Completed
50Consultancy for Project End Evaluation for Women, Water and Peace BuildingOxfam GBDr. Bakhshal Khan Lashari03 MonthsAug 2019Completed
51Numerical Modelling of T-Head Spur along Moria Loop BundSindh Irrigation DepartmentMr. Babar Naeem05 MonthsNov 2019Completed
52Numerical Modelling of T-Head Spur along Larkana Sehwan BundSindh Irrigation DepartmentMr. Babar Naeem05 MonthsNov 2019Completed
53Equitable and Reliable distribution of water in Secondary Level CanalsRDFDr. Abdul Latif Qureshi45 DaysNov 2019Completed
54Smart groundwater monitoring for sustainable groundwater extraction in SindhHEC under NRPUMr. Waqas Ahmed, Assistant Professor, USPCAS-W, MUET, Jamshoro24 MonthsJun 2020Completed
55Development of Water Safety Plan for Municipal Committee Jacobabad, Water Governance and Capacity Building ActivityHANDS FoundationDr. Rasool Bux Mahar03 MonthsNov 2020Completed
56Documentation, Monitoring of Automization of One Minor and Water Management Lessons LearntRDFDr. Rasool Bux Mahar1.5 MonthsDec 2020Completed
57Baseline Study of Solar Energy Project tittled “Lighting up lives at Therparkar”RDFMr. Muhammad Ali1 MonthDec 2020Completed
58Iparting Training on Use of GIS in Natural Resource Conservation & Database Management to the Staff of Various Departments of Government of BalochistanProject Director Balochistan Integrated Water Reource Management & Development ProjectDr. Kamran Ansari & Mr. Ghulam Hussain Dars5 DaysMar 2021Completed
60Research & Development on resource Recovery from Wastewater and its treatment modification for the final effluent waste minimization at Soorty Enterprises Unit-13Soorty Denim EnterprisesDr. Rasool Bux Mahar06 MonthsMar 2021Completed
61Water Safety Plan and Capacity Building of Municipal Corporation Jacobabad Thematic area: Water ,Environment and WASHsWater Safety Plan (WSP) for Municipal Committee, JACOBABAD (MCJ), USAID,Pakistan (2020-2021)1. Prof. Dr. R. B. Mahar, Team Lead, 2. Prof. Dr. Zubair Ahmed, Co-Team Lead, USPCASW, MUET06 Months-Completed
62Ultrafast photo-catalytic degradation of the organic dyes by using metal/metal oxide nanoparticleHEC under NRPUDr. Syeda Sara Hassan12 MonthsMar 2020Completed
63Bio-sensing platform based on nanoparticles for waterborne bacterial pathogensHEC under NRPUDr. Syeda Sara Hassan15 MonthsMar 2020Completed