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Soil & Water Analysis Lab

Automatic Nitrogen Analyzer

The automatic Kjeldahl Analyzer is an automatic device integrating distillation and titration functions and it is designed based on the classic Kjeldahl nitrogen determination method.

Block Digesters (including Digest tubes)

A Digestion Block is used to prepare samples for analysis in advance of your workday, significantly improving laboratory productivity. Users can control temperatures, program digestion methods, pause steps and detect errors through the separate, programmable, acid resistant Controller.

Orbital Shaker

Orbital Shaker has a circular shaking motion with low to high speed with fewer vibrations, ideal for culturing microbes.

Particle Size Analyzer (Mastersizer 3000)

The Mastersizer 3000 (Wet Unit) is highly regarded as the premier laser diffraction particle size analysis instrument on the market for design, performance, and software user experience. However, some customers do not immediately need the advanced functionality that the Mastersizer 3000 offers.

Potable Water Level Indicator/ Sounder

Sounders. Electric water level meters – referred to as sounders – are frequently used in groundwater to measure level. These instruments are essentially tape measures with a probe on the end. Once the sensor contacts the water, it completes a circuit, causing an indicator to beep and an LED to glow. The water level depth can then be read on the tape.

Water distillation Apparatus

Manufactured in the U.K., the QWS4 combines performance and reliability with exceptional value for money. This new water still incorporates a number of operational and safety features that make this still the ideal choice for your laboratory. Output capacity 4Litres/Hour pyrogen-free single distilled water Distillate pH5.0-6.5
Distillate conductivity 3.0-5.0uS/cm

Purelab Ultra MK2

The PURELAB Ultra water purification unit has been specifically designed to provide a supply of ultrapure water with very low levels of impurities for laboratory, medical and industrial applications.

Terrameter SAS 4000

ABEM Terrameter LS is a state-of-the-art data acquisition system for self-potential (SP), resistivity (RES), and time-domain induced polarization (IP). The instrument is delivered with everything that is needed for multi-electrode geoelectrical imaging except electrode cables and electrodes.


A tensiometer in soil science is a measuring instrument used to determine the matric water potential ({\displaystyle \Psi _{m}}) (soil moisture tension) in the vadose zone. This device typically consists of a glass or plastic tube with a porous ceramic cup and is filled with water. The top of the tube has either a built-in vacuum gauge or a rubber cap used with a portable puncture tensiometer instrument, which uses a hypodermic needle to measure the pressure inside the tensiometer

Lab Oven

The universally applicable lab oven U is Memmert’s classic appliance for temperature control in science, research, and material tests in the industry. The technologically perfected masterpiece made of high-quality, hygienic, easy-to-clean stainless steel leaves nothing to be desired in terms of ventilation and control technology, over-temperature protection, and precisely tuned heating technology.

Guelph Permeameter with all Accessories

The Guelph permeameter is an easy-to-use instrument for quickly and accurately measuring in-situ, hydraulic conductivity in all types of soils. The equipment can be transported, assembled, and operated easily by one person Measurements can be made in 1/2 to 2 hours, depending on soil type, and require only about 2.5 liters of water. Measurements can be made in the range of 15 to 75cm below the soil surface.  The Guelph permeameter is a complete kit consisting of the permeameter, field tripod, well auger, well preparation and cleanup tools, collapsible water container, and vacuum test hand pump, all packaged in a durable carrying case.

Plant Canopy Analyser/Imager

The NEW Plant Canopy Imager CI-110 captures wide-angle canopy images while estimating Leaf Area Index (LAI) and measuring Photosynthetically Active Radiation (PAR) levels.

Double Ring Infiltrometers

The double ring infiltrometer is a simple instrument that is used to determine the infiltration rate of water into the soil. The infiltration rate is determined as the amount of water per surface area and time unit, which penetrates the soils.

Soil Tester (Kelway)

The Kelway HB-2 Soil Acidity and Moisture Tester, manufactured by Kel Instruments Company, is a professional-grade tool that measures soil acidity and moisture levels directly from the ground and can be used over and over again with proper care.


ET Gauge Model A (ET Gage) Evapotranspiration Simulator for Irrigation Management. ET Gauge measures crop water use directly. ET Gauge uses water at the same rate as your crop – It will show you when and how much to irrigate. or Covered ceramic evaporator mimics solar absorption and vapor diffusion resistance of an irrigated crop. Growers appreciate the convenience of this tool. It is as easy to use as a rain gauge. Growers appreciate the convenience of this tool. It is as easy to use as a rain gauge. Patented ET Gauge is used by farmers, irrigation consultants, and government agricultural personnel in 23 countries. Rain entry is prevented by a check valve. Requires distilled water.

Multiprobe Water Quality Meter

Multiprobes are used to measure multiple parameters such as temperature, dissolved oxygen, conductivity and pH (in addition, some units can measure turbidity, chlorophyll or nitrates)


Water Deionizer up to 50 l / hour. Conductivimeter in µS. Deionized water production for the laboratory

Dissolved Oxygen (DO) Meter

Dissolved oxygen meters are designed to measure the amount gaseous oxygen dissolved in water. Dissolved oxygen (DO) is an important indicator of water quality.

Basic Soil Sampling Kit

These basic sampling kits provide all of the items needed to auger to a target depth as deep as 12′ and obtain a relatively undisturbed soil core sample. The kit is available in two sizes, 2 1/4″ or 3 1/4″ and with either signature series or 5/8″ threaded components. The kit comes with three different augers (regular, mud, sand) and enough extensions,to auger down to a depth of 12 feet.
All of the components fit securely in a foam lined, poly-reinforced carrying case with,handles and wheels for added portability

Hydrometer Analysis Set

Used for determining the particle size distribution of very fine materials such as silt and clay.

15 Bar Ceramic Plate Extractor

The 1500F2, 15 Bar Pressure Plate Extractor, is used to analyze the water-holding characteristics of soil samples throughout the pressure range of interest in most agricultural applications. The pressure vessel is 4in (10 cm) deep and has an inside diameter of 12in (30 cm). Up to 4 ceramic plates can be accommodated at one time, allowing approximately 36 2-1/4 samples to be analyzed simultaneously. The Pressure Plate Extractor consists of a pressure vessel and lid, clamping bolts, O-ring seals, and outflow tube assemblies. The following are the applications of this equipment Soil Water Retention Soil Physics Mining.

Mechanical Tapping Sieve Shaker

Mechanical sieve shakers are sieve shakers that utilize several moving parts to oscillate, tap, and otherwise agitate the sieve stack to help the particle find openings in the mesh.

Electromagnetic Soil Conductivity Meter with Accessories

EM38 refers to electromagnetic soil mapping. EM38 surveys involve a vehicle towed sensor that is used in the field to measure electrical conductivity (EC) in the soil at designated depths. Electrical conductivity is primarily influenced by soil texture, in particular clay content, soil salinity and moisture levels.