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Research Projects (In Progress)

S.NoTitle of ProjectSponsorTeam Leader/Principal InvestigatorDurationStart DateStatus
1Development And Upscaling Of Indigenized Anaerobic Digester For The Biotransformation Of Textile Sludge Into The Production Of Biogas And BiocompostHEC under Technology Development FundProf. Dr. Rasool Bux Mahar24 MonthsJan 2020In progress
2Assess the health impacts of solid waste management on residents living in six selected UCs of Karachi and HyderabadUKAID through TearFundDr. Rasool Bux Mahar03 YearsJan 2021In progress
3Adopting to Salinity in Southern Indus Basin (Total Cost AUD 789,790)ACIARDr. Bakhshal Khan Lashari30 MonthJan 2021In progress
4Indus River Flow Monitoring using Satellite Radar Altimetry Data and 2D Flood model.HEC under NRPUDr. Arjumand Zaidi18 MonthMar 2021In progress
5Development and Upscaling of Combined Adsorption Distillation Technique for Saline-Water Treatment and Fresh Water Production on Industrial-Scale (CAD-WATER)HEC Technology Transfer Support Fund (TTSF)Dr. Tanveer Ahmed24 MonthJun 2021In progress
6Safety Evaluation and Adaptation Mechanism of Water-Energy-Food Nexus in CPEC under Climate ChangePakistan Science Foundation, IslamabadDr. Rasool Bux Mahar03 YearsJun 2021In progress
7Metering the aquifer using smart monitoring and data-driven approach to assist in devising adaptive groundwater management strategy in BalochistanHEC under Local Challenge Fund (LCF) with BUITEMS, BalochistanDr. Abdul Latif Qureshi02 YearsJul 2021In progress
8Eco-innovation for sustainable industrial growth of major industrial sectors in special Economic Zones (ECZs) under CPEC

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HEC under CPECDr. Zubair Ahmed36 MonthsJan 2022In progress
9Pesticides removal by point of use nano-filtration membrane and their rapid detection in water using liquid chromatography mass spectrometryHEC under NRPUDr. Muhammad Rizwan36 MonthsApr 2022In progress
10Conserving Indus river water quality through pollution source tracking, economical treatment systems, and water circular economyHECProf. Dr. Rasool Bux Mahar, Director, USPCAS-W03 YearsJul 2022In progress
11Molecular source tracking of Salmonella species at different stages of poultry slaughteringHEC under NRPUDr. Naveed Ahmed02 YearsAug 2022In progress