Gender Equity Committee Congregates MUET Female Faculty

July 25, 2017 USPCASW

Female members of the Gender Equity (GE) Committee of Mehran University of Engineering and Technology (MUET) organized a get-together with the female faculty of the University in the Executive Hall, at MUET’s Teacher Student Center on Monday; July 24, 2017.

A large number of female faculty members of MUET participated in the get-together, and all the participants were enthusiastically involved in the discussions regarding the working of MUET GE Committee. Ms. Uzma Imran, Assistant Professor USPCASW and the Gender Focal Person, gave a briefing to the participants about the policy and working of the Committee. She briefed the participants regarding various activities have been organized by the committee so far, and also the future plan for the activities to be held.

“ Committee plays a vital role in the promotion of gender equity cause in the University”, Ms. Uzma Imran said.

Ms. Uzma Imran, while responding the concerned queries, suggested the participants for their active participation in gender related activities. She welcomed the participants’ suggestions for making the committee more active and effective. On this occasion, she ensured that these suggestions will be incorporated in committee’s future plan.