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Dr. M. Munir Babar


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USPCAS-W Mehran University of Engineering and Technology Jamshoro, Sindh, Pakistan.

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[email protected]

Dr. M. M. Babar has 26 years experience as a researcher. Areas of interest include design of hydraulic structures i.e. dams, barrages, spillways, canal design and their relevant structures. Analysis and hydraulic computations of dams, energy dissipaters and stilling basin, canals and barrage design for surface and sub-surface flow conditions are of main concentration. Design of various irrigation methods, specifically sprinkler and drip systems are of interest. Flood and drought management. Know-how and experience also relate to studies on sediment load transport in rivers, design of canals/channels with sediment-laden flows and computer modeling of open channels and groundwater flows.

Research Publications

  1. Computation of Seepage Quantity in an Earthen Watercourse by SEEP/W Simulations Case Study:“1R Qaiser Minor”-Tando Jam-Pakistan (2015)
  2. Integrated Approach of Geology and Geomorphology for Groundwater Studies Using Remote Sensing and GIS from Indrayani River Parbhani District, Maharashtra
  3. Effect of Different Levels of Water Soluble NPK(20-20-20) Fertilizers on the Growth and Yield of Carrot (Daucus Carota l) by Using Drip Irrigation Technology (01-05-2015)
  4. Numerical Analysis of Drawdown in an Unconfined Aquifer due to Pumping Well by SIGMA/W and SEEP/W Simulations (2016)
  5. Evidence of the deformation of dykes from the Central Deccan Volcanic Province, Aurangabad, Maharashtra, India (1-1-2017)
  6. Morphotectonic expression of geological structures in the eastern part of the South East Deccan Volcanic Province (around Nanded, Maharashtra, India) (1-1-2017)
  7. Numerical Analysis of Seepage and Slope Stability in an Earthen Dam by Using Geo-Slope Software (10-1-2017)
  8. Prediction of Temperature Gradient and Soil Water Content through a Sandy Clayey Soil by TEMP/W Simulations (22-4-2017)
  9. Finite Element Analysis of Seepage and Exit Gradient through a Non-Homogeneous Earth Dam without Filter Drain (23-6-2017)
  10. Groundwater Quality Mapping using Geographic Information System: A Case Study of District Thatta, Sindh (1-10-2017)
  11. Assessing the effect of different water table depths on water use, yield and water productivity of the okra crop (1-1-2018)
  12. Godavari River: Geomorphology and Socio-economic Characteristics (2018)
  13. Investigation of Sub-surface Geology through Integrated Approach of Geological and Geophysical Studies in the Part of South-eastern Maharashtra, India (2018)
  14. Evaluation of surface water quality using the water quality index (WQI) and the synthetic pollution index (SPI): a case study of Indus Delta region of Pakistan (1-6-2018)
  15. Study of Soil, Water, and Cropping Pattern in Danastar Wah (Manchar Lake) Command Area Using Geospatial Tools (1-10-2018)
  16. NE-SW strike-slip fault in the granitoid from the margin of the South East Dharwar Craton, Degloor, Nanded district, Maharashtra, India (31-10-2018)
  17. Identification of Groundwater Potential Zones and Artificial Recharge Sites in Vedganga River Sub-Basin Using Remote Sensing and GIS Techniques (13-12-2018)
  18. Environmental Impact of Conversion of Natural Wetland into Reservoir: A Case Study of Chotiari Reservoir in Pakistan (2019)
  19. Projected Rainfall Variability Based on PRECIS Regional Model (01-04-2019)
  20. Groundwater quality evaluation using the water quality index (WQI), the synthetic pollution index (SPI), and geospatial tools: a case study of Sujawal district, Pakistan (6-4-2019)
  21. Spatial Analysis of Soil Salinity in the Indus River Delta, Pakistan (8-6-2019)
  22. Evaluation of drinking water quality using the water quality index (WQI), the synthetic pollution index (SPI) and geospatial tools in Thatta district, Pakistan (1-8-2019)
  23. The Relationship between Precipitation and Elevation of the Watershed in the Khirthar National Range (1-10-2019)
  24. Mohr-Coulomb and Hardening Soil Model Comparison of the Settlement of an Embankment Dam (9-10-2019)


  • Irrigation Water Management
  • Open Channel Hydraulics
  • Water Control and Measurement

Research:  Dr. M. Munir Babar

Ph.D. Degree Numerical Models and Optimization in Groundwater Management (sponsored by HEC)
M.E. Degree Neural Network Applications for Hydraulic Characteristics of Drop and Jump
M.E. Degree Identification of Aquifer Parameters Using AQUIPA-Model for Southern Rohri Command Area
M.E. Degree Finite Element Analysis of Seepage through Hub Dam by Using Geo-Software
M.E. Degree Study of Spring Water Downstream of Nai-Baran K.B. Feeder Super-Passage
M.E. Degree Assessment of Failure Causes of WASA-Lagoon at Hyderabad
M.E. Degree Flow Characteristics of Circular Weirs
M.E. Degree Simulation at Soil Wetting Pattern under subsurface drip irrigation system
M.E. Degree Evaluation of the Efficiency of Sprinkler Irrigation over Flood Irrigation
M.E. Degree Soil Wetting Pattern, Head Losses & Emitter Hydraulic Characteristics under Drip Irrigation System
M.E. Degree Water-Saving through Drip Irrigation Comparison to Furrow Mode
M.E. Degree Evaluation of Scavenger Wells on the right side of Jamrao Canal