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Dr. Kamran Ansari

Co-Director, Professor

Postal Address

USPCAS-W Mehran University of Engineering and Technology Jamshoro, Sindh, Pakistan.

Phone Number


Email Address

[email protected]

Profession: Hydrologist, Hydraulics Engineer, Water Resources Engineer, Irrigation & Drainage Engineer.
Years of Experience: Twenty two (22)
Membership in Professional Societies: CIVIL/14664 with Pakistan Engineering Council.


1 Shoreline change assessment of Indus delta using GIS-DSAS and satellite data 2022
2 An Evaluation of the Extreme Rainfall Event of 2010 over the Kabul River Basin using the WRF Model 2022
3 Assessment of Groundwater Quality and Soil Salinity/Status Under Various Irrigation Systems in Arid Region of Jamshoro District 2021
4 Biochars reduce irrigation water sodium adsorption ratio 2021
5 Pakistan’s Water Resources in the Era of Climate Change 2021
6 Evaluation of the Tropical Rainfall Measuring Mission (TRMM) 3b42 version 7 dataset performance over the upper Indus Basin 2021
7 Evaluation of extreme precipitation of 2010 over Kabul river basin using a regional climate model 2021
8 Rainfall Frequency And Trend Analysis Of Rainfall In Tharparker 2021
9 Drought Trends In Sindh Province: A Case Study Of Tharparker District 2021
10 Quantification Of Seepage Losses From Lined And Unlined Distributaries Using Acoustic Doppler Current Profiler (ADCP) 2021
11 Impact of the effluents of Hyderabad city, Tando Muhammad Khan, and Matli on Phuleli canal water 2020
12 Exploring the Evolution of Drought Characteristics in Balochistan, Pakistan 2020
13 The Spatiotemporal Variability of Temperature and Precipitation Over the Upper Indus Basin: An Evaluation of 15 Year WRF Simulations 2020
14 Integrated assessment of contemporary hydro-geomorphologic evolution of the Indus River Estuary, Pakistan in context to regulated fluvial regimes 2020
15 Agenda Setting in Water and IWRM: Discourse Analysis of Water Policy Debate in Pakistan 2020
16 Drought Trends in Balochistan 2020
17 Oakistan’s Water Resources in the Era of Climate Change
18 Optimization of salinity intrusion control through freshwater and tidal inlet modifications for the Indus River Estuary 2019
19 Spatio-Temporal Variability of Drought in Pakistan Using Standardized Precipitation Evapotranspiration Index 2019
20 Estimation of groundwater potential using GIS modeling in Kohistan region Jamshoro district, Southern Indus basin Sindh, Pakistan (A Case Study) 2019
21 Using Distributed Solar for Treatment of Drinking Water in Developing Countries 2017
22 Higher Education Capacity Building in Water Resources Engineering and Management to Support Achieving the Sustainable Development Goal for Water in Pakistan 2017
23 Satellite based flood modeling using TRMM data: Case studies of 2010 and 2011 flood events of Pakistan 2017
24 Evaluating the dynamics of land surface temperature in response to land cover changes using remote sensing and GIS techniques 2017
25 Application of Neural Networks for River Flow Forecasting 2017
26 Modeling water demand and supply for future water resources management 2017
27 Application of GIS and HEC-RAS in floods forecasting: A case study of lower Indus Basin, Sindh 2010 2017
28 Assessment of water balance for Keenjhar Lake, Sindh, Pakistan 2017
29 Future water demand assessment using WEAP Model at lower Indus Basin 2017
30 Hydrology of upper Indus Basin 2016
31 Influence of the Variation in Material Constituents on the Properties of the Crumb Rubber Modified Bitumen Blends 2015

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