Externally Funded Projects

Since year 2015, the center succeeded in obtaining funding amountingto Rs. 166.648 million through 29 projects from different national and international organizations. These projects included research, consulting services and capacity building. The details and status of these projects are given as under.

S.No Title of Project Supervisor/PI Sponsor Amount (Rs. in M) Status
1 Identifying the likely impacts of coal combustion residues from Thar coal-fired power plant on the Region's ecosystem Dr. R.B Mahar HEINRICH BOLL STIFTUNG – a German foundation 2.0 Completed
2 Sustainable Fresh Groundwater Management for Irrigated Agriculture in Lower Indus Basin (LIB) using PMWIN model Dr. Abdul Latif Qureshi HEC 4.7 Completed
3 Improving groundwater management to enhance Agriculture and farming livelihood in Pakistan Dr. Bakhshal Lashari ACIAR 2.88 Completed
4 Diffusion and adoption through partnerships and action of the best watershed rehabilitation and irrigation practices and technologies to help rural farmers -Phase-II Dr. Bakhshal Lashari ICARDA 1.3 Completed
5 Capacity Building at MUET, Jamshoro to address drinking water issues in Pakistan Dr. R.B Mahar US-Pak (HEC) 50.0 Ongoing
6 Optimization of anaerobic digestion process using co-digestion of crop residues and buffalo dung Dr. R.B Mahar HEC 4.4 Ongoing
7 Efficient, participatory irrigation institutions to support productive and sustainable agriculture in South Asia Dr. Bakhshal Lashari ACIAR 7.161 Completed
8 Capacity Building Of The Officers / Officials Of Sindh Irrigation Department Dr. Bakhshal Lashari Sindh Irrigation Department 42.0 Ongoing
9 Role and loss of biodiversity: implications for the localcommunity of Hangu District, KPK Dr. Asmatullah HEC 1.044 Completed
10 Baseline Survey of Existing WaSH Conditions in Thatta City (Ward No. 3) Muhammad Ali NRSP 0.5 Completed
11 Proposal for Rehabilitation of sewage treatment plant (STP) installed at Niamat gas Field, United Energy Pakistan limited Dr. R.B Mahar UEPL 1.016 Completed
12 Smart groundwater monitoring for sustainable groundwater extraction in Sindh (Client driven project) Waqas Ahmed NRPU-HEC 2.988 Ongoing
13 Situation Analysis of Waste Management at processing facilities of United Energy Pakistan (UEP) Dr. Zubair Ahmed, Dr. R.B Mahar UEPL 1.1 Completed
14 Impact of Climate Change in the Indus River Delta and Coastal Region of Pakistan Dr. Altaf Siyal GCISC 1.5 Completed
15 The Impact of Informal Institutions on Participatory Irrigation Management Outcomes Dr. Mercedes Ward Water Sector Improvement Program 1.9 Completed
16 Exploratory Study "Water Scarcity is a Myth or Reality" Muhammad Ali Oxfam Pakistan 1.2 Completed
17 Assessment of methane gas production potential of the primary effluent treatment plant Dr. R.B. Mahar MATOL (PVT) Ltd. 0.3 Completed
18 Technical support to the program on turning Solid waste into compost, biogas and other products Dr. R.B. Mahar Tearfund – UK based NGO 0.5 Ongoing
19 Calibration of Gauges and Development of Rating Curves of 115 distributaries/minors of Nara Canal AWB for Flow Measurement Dr. Bakhshal Lashari WISP, P&D Dept. GoS 8.376 Ongoing
20 Study on Water Balance of Sindh Water Resources Management Dr. Arjumand WISP, P&D Dept. GoS 1.38 Completed
21 Situation Analysis of the Wetlands of Sindh Dr. Altaf Siyal WISP, P&D Dept. GoS 1.38 Completed
22 Numerical Modelling of T-Head Spur along Moria Loop Bund, Larkana Mr. Baber Naeem Irrigation Department, GoS 1.596 Completed
23 Development and Upscaling of Indigenized Anaerobic Digester for the Biotransformation of Textile Sludge into the Production of Biogas and Biocompost Dr. R.B. Mahar TDF-HEC 13.717 Ongoing
24 Development of a Prototype for treatment of spent wash produced by distilleries of sugar industry Dr. Naveed Qambrani MATOL (Pvt) Ltd 3 Ongoing
25 Undertaking a water quality assessment of the water points in UC31 to identify the contaminated water points Dr. Bakhshal Lashari MDC/UNICEF 7 Completed
26 Project Endline Survey: "Women and Marginalized Groups, Natural Resource Management and bring harmony: exploring the Potential" Muhammad Ali Oxfam 0.97 Ongoing
27 Community Training on Climate Smart Agriculture Muhammad Ali SAFCO 0.25 Completed
28 Baseline Survey for Spate Irrigation Project Dr. Bakhshal Lashari MetaMeta/RDF 1.19 Ongoing
29 IoT integrated Canal Flow Measurement Dr. A. Latif Qureshi RDF 1.3 Ongoing