I am MSc (Biotechnology) from University of Karachi, PhD (Molecular Biology) from University of Hannover, Germany and post-doctorate from Australia.I started my professional career as Research Officer at HEJ Research Institute of Chemistry, Karachi in 1999. Since then I have been continuously involved in research and teaching undergraduate and post-graduate students of prestigious universities of Pakistan like University of Karachi, Sindh Agriculture University of Tandojam and Mehran University of Engineering and Technology, Jamshoro. I am a skilled molecular biologist and have expertise in microbiology and genomics like resistance genes, gene isolation,molecular and functional characterizationof genes, genotyping, meta-genomics etc. I have recently finished a project on the role of algae in wastewater treatment and bioenergy production with focus on microscopic, molecular (genotyping) and metabolic characterization of biofuel from algae.Right now I am teaching Chemistry and Biology of WASH (WASH-513) and Biostatistics and Epidemiology (WASH-522) at US-PCASW. My research interests encompass SDG 6.2 & 6.3. CurrentlyI am focusing wastewater characterization, treatment and use for vegetable irrigation purposes. In this regard I focus enteric bacteria with antibiotic resistance in wastewater sources, vegetables and community plus relevant health risks. Further I work on wastewater treatment using algae, nanoparticles and bio-absorbents. These bio-absorbents are made of agricultural wastes thus are cost effective and bio-degradable and can be used in hygienic products which lead to my third research interest that is menstrual hygiene management related assessments and awareness sessions in selected schools and communities.

Curriculum Vitae Dr. Aneela Yasmin