Dr. Heinz-Werner Kreutzer​ conducted a graduate seminar on Sustainable WASH Project to the 2010/11 Flood affected Regions in Sindh

February 13, 2017 USPCASW

A German Research Scholar Dr. Heinz-Werner Kreutzer delivered a lecture on Sustainable WASH Project to the 2010/11 Flood affected Regions in Sindh particularly Dadu and Naushehro Feroz, Districts of the Province funded by HEKS – a Zurich-based organization. While sharing his presentation on Sustainable WASH Assistance to the 2010 Flood Affected Communities in Naushehro Feroz, Dr. Heinz said that total six Union Councils (UCs) of District Naushehro Feroz were targeted for WASH response and the number of the beneficiaries was set about 15000 families of the targeted UCs, whereas the project has been started in April 15, 2014 and to be completed in March 31, 2017.

Dr. Heinz said in order to provide the safe drinking water and sanitation services, the 30 water supply schemes and construction of 2500 pour flush latrine with hand washing and bathing facility for women called Latrine-Bath-Hand-Wash Unit (LBHWU) were constructed and also the other WASH facilities are being provided to the communities through this project. He said that Village Development Communities (VDCs) and Children Development Communities (CDCs) were formed among the targeted areas of the district and the formed committees are being linked to the nearest health facilities for health services.

He further said that in collaboration with VDCs WASH awareness and advocacy sessions were also being conducted to get the targeted communities of different villages and also the plantation campaigns were being organized in the area. Dr. Heinz shared the design, architecture, and engineering of Latrine-Bath-Hand-Wash Units. He also gave presentations on Synthesis and Energy: Production of Organic Matter (Anaerobic Digestion), purpose and functions of Septic Tank, Groundwater, and Wells, INDUS Valley – The Annually Recurring Flood: Preliminary Rainfall Analysis August / September 2015.