Graduate Seminar on Impact of Climate Change on Water Resources

February 9, 2018 USPCASW

Dr. Badar Munir Khan Ghauri, Head of Department National Centre for Remote Sensing & Geo Informatics, Institute of Space Technology, and Karachi conducted a graduate seminar on Impact of Climate Change on Water Resources held at USPCAS-W MUET Auditorium on Friday, February 09, 2018.

Dr. Badar Munir Khan Ghauri while speaking in the seminar said that Climate is the average weather at a given point and time of year, over a long period typically 30 years. He said that it was expected the weather to change a lot from day to day, but the climate to remain relatively constant.  “If the climate doesn’t remain constant, we call it climate change”, he added.

He opined that increase in the temperature of air and water cause threat and resultantly bleaching of corals.

Dr. Badar Munir Khan Ghauri said that the in Pakistan water tables would continue to fall and the gross per capita water availability would decline. He further said that Pakistan’s agriculture, consequently economy that depends mainly on water from glacier melt would be severely affected.

He recommended for taking appropriate measures to control the emissions of GHG gasses to minimize the effect of global warming. Also taking measures to recycle domestic and industrial wastewater and enforcement of water conservation plan.

Speaker’s brief profile:

My research is focused on Applications of GIS and Remote Sensing suchas renewable energy resource assessment, Terrestrial Carbon and Biosphere Studies, Land Use, Land Cover Dynamics and Ecosystem Studies, Glacier and Snow monitoring, Atmospheric Aerosols and Aerosol Chemistry and Climate change studies. I havea basic degree in Chemical Engineering with Master and Doctorate in Environmental Engineering. For over 15 years, I have worked as Director, Space and Atmospheric Science at SUPARCO, Karachi. My two post-doc researches at State University of New York at Albany NY and other at UNSW Sydney were related to SO2 Oxidation in the Atmosphere and Acid Deposition in Upstate New York and Quebec and Cytotoxicity Characterization of Urban Aerosols respectively.  As far as teaching experience is concerned I am  working  as Head of Department, Department of Remote Sensing and Geo-Information Science, Institute of Space Technology, Convener/ contributor  to various HEC curriculum development activities at BS/ MS levels, Curriculum Reviewer for MS in Climate Change under CLIMA Project of International University of Venice, Italy, Visiting faculty to, Institute of Environmental Studies, University of Karachi, Institute of Environmental Engineering and Research, NED University of Engineering and Technology, Karachi.  I have completed a number of World Bank/ UNDP sponsored projects at national and international level and have contributed to a number of research studies and have over 85 impact factor publications.