Research Grant Awards


S.No Title of Project Lead Institution Name of PI Partner Institution Name of Co-PI / Tech Advisor Duration Round
1 Water Conservation and Mitigation of Arsenic in Rice through Sprinkler Irrigation System Dept.of Environ. Science, QAU Islamabad Dr. Abida Farooqi Columbia University, USA Dr. Alexander Wan Geen and Abdul Rauf Two years Round-I
2 Climate Change: Assessing Impact of Seawater Intrusion on Soil, Water & Environment in Indus delta using GIS & Remote Sensing USPCAS-W Dr. Altaf Siyal N/A N/A 15 Months Round-I
3 Managing Uncertainties in Projected Impacts of Climate Change on Precipitation Patterns in the Indus Basin, Pakistan USPCAS-W Mr. Ghulam Hussain Dars N/A N/A One Year Round-I
4 Assessment of Environmental Degradation of Manchar Lake PCRWR Engr. Zamir Ahmed Soomro USPCAS-W Ms. Uzma Imran One Year Round-I
5 Identification of Antibiotic Resistant Bacteria in Different Source Waters in Hyderabad City and its Surroundings USPCAS-W Dr. R B Mahar PCSIR, Karachi Dr Zulfiqar Ali Mirani 18 months Round-I
6 Decision Support System for Water Resources Planning and Management USPCAS-W Mr. Waqas Ahmed N/A N/A One year Round-I
7 Monitoring Seawater Intrusion in the Indus Delta for Climate Change Adaptation PCRWR, Islamabad Dr. Ashfaq Shaikh N/A N/A One year Round-II
8 Assessment of water, sanitation and hygiene services in primary schools of Sindh, addressing Sustainable Development Goal -6 USPCAS-W Dr. Jameel Soomro Nevada State University, USA Dr. Josh Gran 15 Months Round-II
9 Changing Climate in Pakistan: Food Security and Water Management Implications USPCAS-W Mr. Ghulam Hussain Dars University of Utah, USA Dr. Court Strong One year Round-II
10 Assessing Effectiveness of Linear Anionic Polyacrylamide (LA-PAM) to Reduce Seepage Losses in Unlined Canals USPCAS-W Dr. Munir Babar Colorado State University, USA Dr. Tim Gates 15 Months Round-II
11 Crop Water Productivity Assessment of Major Cropping Systems in Sindh and Punjab USPCAS-W Dr. Asmatullah N/A N/A One year Round-II
12 Keenjhar Lake Water Quality Assessment and Valuing Ecosystems Services (KL-WAVES) USPCAS-W Ms. Uzma Imran University of Utah, USA N/A One year Round-II
13 Redefining/Reclassifying Agro-Ecological Zones of Pakistan Using Field and Satellite Data USPCAS-W Dr. Altaf Siyal Colorado State University, USA Dr. Jose Chavez Two year Round-II