Research Grant Awards

S.No Title of Project Lead Institution Name of PI Partner Institution Duration Round Status
1 Water Conservation and Mitigation of Arsenic in Rice through Sprinkler Irrigation System Dept.of Environ. Science, QAU Islamabad Dr. Abida Farooqi,

Dr. Asif Javaid

Columbia University, USA Two years Round-I Ongoing
2 Climate Change: Assessing Impact of Seawater Intrusion on Soil, Water & Environment in Indus delta using GIS & Remote Sensing USPCAS-W Dr. Altaf Siyal N/A 15 Months Round-I Completed
3 Managing Uncertainties in Projected Impacts of Climate Change on Precipitation Patterns in the Indus Basin, Pakistan USPCAS-W Mr. Ghulam Hussain Dars N/A One Year Round-I Completed
4 Assessment of Environmental Degradation of Manchar Lake PCRWR Engr. Zamir Ahmed Soomro USPCAS-W One Year Round-I Completed
5 Identification of Antibiotic Resistant Bacteria in Different Source Waters in Hyderabad City and its Surroundings USPCAS-W Dr. R B Mahar PCSIR, Karachi 18 months Round-I Completed
6 Decision Support System for Water Resources Planning and Management USPCAS-W Mr. Waqas Ahmed N/A One year Round-I Completed
7 Monitoring Seawater Intrusion in the Indus Delta for Climate Change Adaptation PCRWR, Islamabad Dr. Ashfaq Shaikh N/A One year Round-II Ongoing
8 Assessment of water, sanitation and hygiene services in primary schools of Sindh, addressing Sustainable Development Goal -6 USPCAS-W Dr. Jameel Soomro Nevada State University, USA 15 Months Round-II Ongoing
9 Changing Climate in Pakistan: Food Security and Water Management Implications USPCAS-W Mr. Ghulam Hussain Dars University of Utah, USA One year Round-II Ongoing
10 Assessing Effectiveness of Linear Anionic Polyacrylamide (LA-PAM) to Reduce Seepage Losses in Unlined Canals USPCAS-W Dr. Munir Babar Colorado State University, USA 15 Months Round-II Ongoing
11 Crop Water Productivity Assessment of Major Cropping Systems in Sindh and Punjab USPCAS-W Dr. Asmatullah N/A One year Round-II Ongoing
12 Keenjhar Lake Water Quality Assessment and Valuing Ecosystems Services (KL-WAVES) USPCAS-W Ms. Uzma Imran University of Utah, USA One year Round-II Ongoing
13 Redefining/Reclassifying Agro-Ecological Zones of Pakistan Using Field and Satellite Data USPCAS-W Dr. Altaf Siyal Colorado State University, USA Two year Round-II Ongoing