Applied Research

USPCASW advances water research capacity and impact in Pakistan with a sustainable, externally funded, high-­impact applied research program that bridges expertise among USPCASW and other participants. Overall, the emphasis of USPCASW efforts is on stimulating an innovative applied research program that is multidisciplinary in nature and developed within the broader context of the water-­development nexus to support science‐engineering‐policy interface in Pakistan’s water sector.

MUET provides a range  of facilities to its students, faculty and staff to create an atmosphere of shared vision for enhancing the lives and livelihoods of students. An overview of facilities and resources available to MUET students is provided below.

Student-Teacher Center: The University has recently constructed a Students-Teachers Center over an area of 20,000 sq. ft. Several facilities are provided under one roof including but not limited to: information service, student registration desk, indoor games, bank, shops, post office, cafeteria, a child/day-care center, and a supermarket.

Library: MUET’s library and online information center contains more than 132,000 books related to Engineering, Science and Technology, and other related fields. Other key features of the library include:

  • Access to 29 E-databases for e-journals and e-books both within the university campus and outside the campus under the Digital Library Program.
  • More than 21,000 text books are available in the Book Bank. These are loaned to students for one term on a nominal rent.
  • Other services include: inter-library loan, photocopying of material, internet, multi-media center, among others.
  • Besides the main library and online information center, students can also access subject-specific books and literature from a dedicated library of USPCAS-W.

Transport: The University has a fleet of its own buses that makes commute within the campus as well as between the campus and main towns (Hyderabad, Qasimabad, Latifabad, and Kotri) fairly easy. This service will be provided to students of USPCAS- W free of charge.

Information and Communication Processing Centre: The Center is equipped with the latest devices and servers.

  • It works round the clock to provide data and voice services to various parts of the universities including on-campus students’ residences.
  • To encourage research and development related activities between universities, the Center has connected MUET with fifty two (52) other universities through PERN (Pakistan Educational Research Network).
  • It provides uninterrupted services to students through VPN accounts, which is provided on request, to enable them to work from their residences.

Medical: The campus has a part-time dispensary that is supported by a qualified doctor and a dispenser. It however deals with only minor ailments. Medical emergencies are referred to the nearby Liaquat University Hospital. An ambulance facility is also available.

Sports: MUET’s sports culture is quite diverse and rich. Interested students take part in a range of sports, such as: basketball, shooting ball, squash, table tennis, badminton, athletics, cricket, football, hockey, handball, and Tennis, among others. In addition to organizing inter-departmental and inter-hostel competitions, MUET sports teams regularly participate in Inter-University Sports Events. A new gymnasium has been constructed over an area of 25,845 sq.ft.

Accommodation: Male and female students live in separate hostels. On-campus availability of accommodation for the postgraduate students however is limited. Therefore, several students live off-campus. Private accommodation in Jamshoro and Hyderabad is available at reasonable rates, and most of these areas are connected to campus through regular bus service.