Water News & Features

  2. Water crisis may deepen as supply from Hub slashed BHAGWANDAS, dawn.com, 07-April-2017New
  3. Economic, political aspects of water issues must be considered A REPORTER, dawn.com, 06-April-2017
  4. Social impact of coal mining in Thar DR ALTAF ALI SIYAL | DR KAMRAN ANSARI, dawn.com, 03-April-2017
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  6. Water Security IGNACIO ARTAZA, dawn.com, 13-March-2017
  7. Over 70pc water samples in 13 districts found ‘unfit for human consumption’ Faiza Ilyas, dawn.com, 05-March-2017
  8. Pakistan’s Biggest Challenge: The Impending Water Crisis Mahad Raheel
  9. Pakistan turning into a water-scarce country, say experts Amin Ahmed dawn.com, 06-Feb-2017
  10. Water Security in Pakistan: Pakistan to face situation like Ethiopia, warns UN Report timesofislamabad.com, 03-Feb-2017
  11. Pakistan not doing its homework on Indus Waters Treaty, says former commissioner ZOFEEN T. EBRAHIM, dawn.com, 06-Jan-2017
  12. Development: Making every drop of water count DR SAEED A. ASAD | JO-ELLEN PARRY, dawn.com, 01-Jan-2017
  13. India speeding up Indus basin water plan: report dawn.com, 23-Dec-2016
  14. Are India and Pakistan set for water wars? Navin Singh Khadka | BBC, 22-Dec-2016
  15. Pakistan vs. India Water Row Is About To Explode Polina Tikhonova, 22-Dec-2016
  16. India steps up efforts to stop Pakistan’s water GEO NEWS, 22-Dec-2016
  17. Gwadar may face severe water shortage SALEEM SHAHID, 10-Dec-2016
  19. Experts urge for effective water policy Pakobserver, 16-Oct-2016
  20. India wants changes to water pact with Pakistan Athar Parvaiz, SciDev.net, 14-Oct-2016
  21. It’s time to run the red lights John Elkington, 13-Oct-2016
  22. Senators call for building small dams, water reservoirs Amir Wasim, 04-Oct-2016
  23. When human development is linked to devolution NARGIS SETHI, 25-Sep-2016
  24. Global development goals: Why they could work for Pakistan Ali Tauqeer Sheikh, 21-Sep-2016
  25. 15-20 percent water shortage likely in Rabi MUSHTAQ GHUMMAN, 28-Sep-2016
  26. War hysteria on social media made us oblivious to SDG targets dailytimes.com.pk, 28-Sep-2016
  27. No End to Water Crisis Muhammad Akbar Notezai, 02-Sep-2016
  28. Why We Need To Stay Below 1.5°C Threshold To Fight Water Crisis in Pakistan Asif Iqbal, 01-Sep-2016
  29. Clean water helps prevent stunting Syed Mohammad Ali, 05-Aug-2016
  30. World Bank approves $200m water project for Balochistan 29-June-2016
  31. Dry dams, leaky pipes and tanker mafias – Karachi’s water crisis 28-June-2016
  32. China aims to halve meat eating Alex Kirby, 26-June-2016
  33. Pakistan may run dry by 2025: study Sehrish Wasif, 30-May-2016
  34. Community-driven: Bhalwal contributes viable business model of drinking water Naveed Iftikhar, 30-May-2016
  35. Unplugging the Colorado River ABRAHM LUSTGARTEN, 20-May-2016
  36. Application of modern technologies vital for effective water use in Pakistan 15-May-2016
  37. Underground water extraction can affect agriculture 11-May-2016
  38. Water-Pakistan’s most critical challenge Dr. Mazoor Ahmed, 25-April-2016
  39. Every drop counts John Groarke, 22-March-2016
  40. Sindh govt, World Bank agree to expand partnership Habib Khan Ghori, 22-Jan-2016
  41. Water issue is replete with political controversies and ought to be dealt with diligently by Naseer Memon 27-Dec-2015
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  43. We are here for the long term: Mission Director, USAID Pakistan 21-Sep-2015
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